Define Your Fashion Style With These Mobile Accessories

Mobile phones are more than just a tool to facilitate communication. Because they are convenient and portable, most people find themselves carrying them around, so it only makes sense to have them double up as fashion accessories. You see, mobile phones stay with the person for the rest of the day no matter where they go.

Although some people prefer a minimalist yet sleek look, others prefer conspicuous designs where their mobile phones are concerned. So if you are the kind of person who loves to tag along fashion with your smartphone, then here are some stylish mobile accessories that might interest you.


The original intention of designing a mobile phone skin was to protect the phone from the harmful elements of the environment, such as dust, scratch or moisture. However, these days they come in a vast array of colors to suite different tastes, so they’ve turned into fashion accessories for mobile phones.

If you prefer having customized designs and licensed images on your phone, then you’ll need to pay more for it. Otherwise, most of them come with standard logos and symbols to add style to every phone. Mobile phone skins sold at the shops are quite affordable, so one can get at least 3 different ones to match their outfit, mood or even event.


These are hard plastic covers that snap on the phone’s surface. They are designed specifically with the intention of protecting mobile phones from scratches, cracks and at times, damage resulting from water. What’s more, they are rubberized to provide some degree of protection in the event that your phone hit a hard surface.

They also cover existing damages while adding a bit of style. One can order theirs in a customized form, in any shape, texture, color, etc. They add the desired personal touch while performing their protective functions. The perfect example of such cases could be find on the Uunique UK website. Whether you have an Apple iphone or a Samsung handset, you can choose your phone to be covered in variety of materials, be it leather, plastic, crystals, metal etc. It will be interesting to see what the upcoming collection of iphone 6 cases is going to look like, what new designs and materials they come up with.


How about using stickers as a fashionable mobile accessory. They are a little bit cheaper compared to skins, yet they can resemble any image. Even though they are exclusively designed to add style to mobile phones, they also play another role. You can easily spot your phone on the table or when placed inside a basket that is full of multiple phones.

There’s one myth going around about the function of stickers, that anti-radiation stickers are designed with gold foil to prevent electromagnetic waves being emitted by the phone from reaching the brain of the person using it. However, the contradiction is this;

  • It has not been proven that the small amount of radiation that phones produce cause cancer.
  • Secondly, it is not possible for a 1 inch diameter sticker to prevent electromagnetic waves being emitted all over the phone from getting into the brain.

Just like stickers, these decorative pieces help identify your mobile phone when ringing amid other phones. Others also serve as dust plugs for jacks or ports. Charms may also alert you in case there’s an incoming call (when you buy mobile charms that perform this function). There’s a lot of variations in charms, from jeweled flowers to even video characters.

In short, mobile phone accessories serve as fashion tools to spice up the overall look of your phone as well as protect it from damage that might be caused by external factors. Anything that complements your mobile phone can be turned into a fashionable gadget to enhance the appearance of the device. Even styluses today come in different metallic finishes that make them more attractive than ever.

So, ask yourself the following questions before buying your phone’s accessories:

  1. Are you entirely interested in fashion alone?
  2. Are you interested in protecting your phone as opposed to spicing up the visible part of it?
  3. And lastly, what’s your budget, do you need customized yet fancy logos and symbols?

Ideally, what you want is quite different from what someone else may want as far as fashion accessories for mobile phones are concerned. Other accessories such as earphones/earbuds also come in different colors and styles. Bottom line is this; you can always maintain a personal image with these accessories. There’s no limit to how far you want to go with your phone in terms of style.

Fashion Bling – Essentials of 2014

After selecting the outfit for the day, it needs to be accessorized to make sure it looks great and complete before you step out. The fashion accessories you decide to use for the day are supposed to bring out something that you want to highlight in an apparel or dress. They can also be used to take attention from a certain point of weakness from the attire. Trends are normally set by the addition of accessories to different types of outfits. Some of the essential ones that you cannot go wrong with in 2014 include:

Gold ballerina shoes

These are a welcome addition to any wardrobe. They are an excellent choice for the days when you want your heels to rest. They look great with almost any type of outfit whether you are looking to put on a summer dress or some pants depending on the occasion you will be attending. You can get the ones that have some pretty details on them especially on the front part as this makes them look classier and less plain making them a great addition that could end up spicing your outfit in the best way possible.

Large brown leather bag

Most women will probably feel naked when they step out without a handbag as it holds so many important things in addition to complimenting the outfit worn. There is no rule as to how many handbags one should have thus you should not feel guilty about adding a functional large leather brown bag. This can be used for a number of occasions whether you are going to the office or attending an informal event over the weekend. It is large enough to carry all your supplies comfortably without leaving anything important at home.

Gorgeous hats

During past years, the hat was one of the most important accessories that a lady was supposed to have. This is a trend that is fast picking up with the modern woman one of the main reasons why you should make space for at least one or two classy hats in your wardrobe this year. These are not only for during the summer as it is possible to find a functional one that can be used to protect against cold weather. The demand for hats continues to rise as the years go by, thus you can find a huge selection to select the one you feel is best suited for your needs.

There is a wide array of accessories you can choose from to compliment the look of the day. Going through fashion stores can let you in on new arrivals, items that are high in demand as well as what’s hot and what’s not. The most important thing to know however is that the types of accessories you decide to use generally depend on what your personal style and preference is. All in all you should make sure that whatever you choose really works out great for you at the end of the day to give you a great look that you will be confident in and proud of.